Parish Council Meeting

There will be a virtual Parish Council meeting on Monday 29 June 2020 at 7.30.  Agenda  will posted on this site and on noticeboard shortly.  If you wish to participate in this Zoom meeting please contact who will provide you with necessary details to join in.


As this Friday is an unique Bank Holiday in lockdown and when we will be commemorating VE Day, in addition to your photos of your walks in and around Buckworth, it would also be a fantastic record to have photos of the people in the village on this day, if you would like to take a picture of yourself and your household on Friday and are happy for it to be put on the Parish council web pages and Facebook , please send your photos to

These pictures will make a record of this weird and strange period in the history of the village and the country, and will be of interest to future generations.  It may be possible to put on a small exhibition at a later date.

Mayday Walk – new arrangements

Mayday on Monday May 4th would normally be marked by the annual May Day walk for charity. This year it will not be possible for obvious reasons. However the Parish Council would like to invite all parishioners whilst out on their allowed exercise in and around the village and on the surrounding footpaths to take a photograph of something that catches their eye, a view, an animal , a flower, etc etc. These can be sent to and will be uploaded to these pages and to the parish website. The Parish council hopes that these pictures will raise the spirits and act as a record of these unusual times in our beautiful village.
Traditionally at the start of the May Day Walk a bucket would be passed round to collect for a nominated charity. This year the Parish Council will be supporting Head to Toe, the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust Charity.